Prices and Fees

I strive to create a high-quality photoshow tailored for you and your event at an affordable rate. Below is an overview of my standard fees:


3 to 4 minute slideshow            --------------  $300

requires approximately

50 pictures and 1 song


10-minute slideshow requires   --------------  $500

approximately 100-130 pictures

and 2-3 songs                                              


15-20 minute slideshow requires  ------------  $900

approximately 150-200 pictures

and 3-5 songs


Looped nonsynchronized slideshow            (Negotiable)

with music (for leisurely viewing)


An expedited fee will be added for fast turnaround


Additional hourly fee of $40/hour for:


Light photo touch-up


Scanning nondigital photos


Video clips


Any required travel time


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Deposits and Payments

For most events, I will need approximately 2 to 3 weeks to complete your video.  However, since a memorial service typically requires a fast turnaround, I can accommodate your needs in that situation.


Deposit:  25 percent of the total agreed-upon cost with the balance due upon completion of your video.