What I offer

At Photoshow Treasures, my goal is to provide you with the highest quality professional photo/video montage specially tailored to your needs. Each one is individual with no templates used.  Read on to get an idea of the types of  services I offer.


I tell your story in a beautiful way.  It is done with a collection of your photographs and videos together with music fitting for the occasion.  The type of event will dictate the feeling of the show.


For example, while a memorial service and a birthday are both celebrations of a person's life, they feel completely different.  A memorial service will have a more somber tone and be slow moving while a birthday will be faster paced and have very upbeat music.


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Prices & fees

Plan ahead

You will need to think about how you are going to showcase your photoshow.  Does the venue you have chosen already have a setup for this?  If so, you will need to discuss the particulars with them.  Will you have a DJ?  A DJ will work with you on finetuning all your hook-ups.  Will you be using a DVD player or a laptop?  Do you have the proper cables for the best quality display, such as HDMI cables?  Does your equipment support HDMI? 


Will you need to rent equipment such as a projector, a display monitor, speakers, microphone?  If you need a projector and speakers, the size of your audience must be considered.  The lumens will predict the brightness of your picture on the screen, so the higher the lumens, the better the picture quality.  A large audience will require proper speakers. 


A company I have worked with is AudioVideo LA.  The owners are Richard and Kathy.  They will accommodate all your needs such as delivery, setup, testing, and pick-up.  They are extremely helpful.  Their telephone number is 424.247.8472.  Here is a link to their website.  www.audiovideola.com