What the critics say!

"I created a unique garden path and I wanted to have a video made of it.  I had seen a few of Shelly's videos and I really liked what she did.  However, since what I wanted was completely different from the usual requests she gets, I thought it might be a special challenge.  The end result was far better than I had even hoped for.  She inserted some clips that I hadn't thought of that added an extra dimension.  Her technical ability, creativity and sensitivity to the authenticity of the project are just the best.  I'm thrilled.  To anyone reading this, I invite you to view the inspirational video Path of  Wisdom that Shelly created and enjoy the experience.  Thank you, Shelly!  You're the best."      Pam McLeod

"The DVD you did for Mike and Toni's Anniversary Party was the best I have EVER seen. It was done very clever with the music, and the technique you used for jazzing up the pictures was very unique. We loved what you did with all the colorful hearts and all the detail you put into your work. It wasn't boring like most DVD's, but so much fun to watch. We can't wait for an event to impress our friends with your work.  Thank you."  Sam and Marilyn Mavros  

"Words can’t express the gratitude we feel for the PERFECT DVD you created for our 40th Anniversary Party.  It was like being in a time machine, perfect music, perfect timing, obviously created with so much thought and loving care and attention to detail.  Your ability to tell the story touched our hearts then and forever.  Thank you so much!"     Mike & Toni Castellano

 "Shelly's work is impeccable, produced and directed with the utmost care given to each picture or video.  One can follow the format with all of its intricacies in an understandable and fun continuum throughout.   She has a music background with a keen sense of timing and style.  You will treasure this video forever.  Truly Oscar worthy!"  Carol Schindelheim

"Your creativity overwhelms me.  Your ability to put together music with a montage of photographs is unsurpassed. You missed your calling.  It's time to do what you do best -CREATE."    Judy Lane

“Shelly was able to bring all of our memorable moments back to life with a great sense of style and personality - everyone in the room was captivated. Gina Holmes

"The first video I saw that you created truly helped me cope with my mother’s passing. It made me remember the good times and now I always have it to look back on to remember her pretty face and our memories we shared together. That was over 5 years ago, and since then I’ve seen quite a few more for every occasion I can think of – more memorials, birthdays, anniversaries – you name it, she does it. Your creativity is amazing and your videos are always the talk of the event, no matter what it may be. I would recommend you to everyone I know who may be interested in your excellent services. Thanks for the past videos and future ones I may see!"  Jessica Goode

“What a wonderful show you put together.  It was so fun and entertaining.  I could tell that everyone in the crowd was enjoying the show as I heard a lot of great comments from where I was standing.  The music timing with the pictures was perfect and added so much more to the story.  Loved the special effects too.  Great job girl.  Loved it.”   Brenda Joseph